Project Rescue

More often, we are approached with a half-baked, over-promised, or technically challenging projects that is beyond the capabilities for the client’s current team to handle. We would conduct our analysis and understand the current situation of the project’s problem and its scope of repair. Based on the analysis, we will propose a solution, either a patch, or systemic solutions based on the requirements. Upon approval, we will fix the problems for you.

We also provide confidentiality agreements for project rescue endaevours. It’s like were never there(but pay us first of course). So far these are the highlights of what we have rescued:

  1. We finished and delivered an Augmented Reality project for Ministry of Education Malaysia’s content development contractor.
  2. We built a full-scale simulator software with a control system software in a record time, and deliver it internationally for an renowned aviation contractor company in Malaysia.
  3. We rescued a VR project that was stuck, and the developer left. We came in, 2 months before its debut in an exhibition and delivered for a Public University in Malaysia.
  4. We rescued a jawi AR app in trouble. This project included a jawi virtual keyboard. This project is done for a Private University + State Government of Malaysia collaboration project.